Can we talk about personal responsibility?

Have you ever read an article online about body acceptance/fat acceptance, then wander (against your better judgment) down to the comments section? 


It's a mistake I keep making over and over again.


Anyway, during the 2 minutes or so that I can stomach the negativity, I see a barrage of insults and fat jokes laced with "Take responsibility for your health!!" comments.


Let's be clear:

My body has always known the truth...I just wasn't listening

When I look back at my history of dieting and weight loss obsession, I realize: 


I have 2 decades of experience ignoring my body's signals.

I was skilled at drinking club soda when my taste buds really wanted a full-sugar Coke.

I chewed gum when instead of the slices of pizza I actually craved.

I was a master at pushing through the knee pain from too many jump squats, convinced that it could be overcome if I just flipped the switch to 'beast mode'.