Hey! I'm Melissa. Thanks for stopping by.


Here's a little about me and my work: 

I want to live in a world where a woman measures the success of her life on her terms...not in terms of pounds and inches she's lost.

So I'm helping to create it.

I'm an anti-diet, weight-neutral health and wellness coach. 

That means that I don't sell weight loss. Ever. I don't tell you what you should eat, how you should exercise or how much you should weigh. 

I help you discover all that for yourself.

I've seen first hand what obsession with food and weight loss can do to a person's body, self-esteem and life. And I don't want any part of that. 

No, I'm NOT against people wanting to lose weight. I firmly believe in freedom of choice...you do what you want with your body.

But what I AM against is our cultural fat-phobia and obsession with weight loss.

I hate that we're bombarded with the messages that your role as a woman is to constantly shrink yourself, be dissatisfied with the way you look, and wait until you're "perfect" before you do anything meaningful in your life.

That's not what we're here on this Earth for.

My goal is to help you connect the dots between our ridiculous beauty standards and your struggle with self-acceptance (because they really ARE connected).

I help you UNLEARN the toxic messages and behaviors from lifelong dieting so you can learn a new set of skills.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, let's get connected: 

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