20 truths I wish I'd known sooner about food & fitness

This weekend, I was cleaning out my basement and I stumbled upon some pictures from my sister's wedding back in 2009. I remember exactly how much I weighed that day: 133 pounds.

I also remember how difficult it was to get there and how impossible it was to stay there. The things I did to lose weight to squeeze into a yellow bridesmaid's dress were things I would NEVER do today. 

If I knew back in October 2009 the things I know now, I would've saved myself thousands of dollars and years of misery.

I wish I knew that: 

1. food is not the enemy

2. I don't have to worry about food all the damn time

3. eating food that I love and moving my body in a way that I enjoy is actually the way to go

4. deprivation and going to extremes is a waste of valuable time that I'll never get back

5. eliminating carbs is unnecessary and makes me VERY unhappy

6. I don't have to be obsessed with body fat, the scale, or the size of my clothes

7. with every diet, I confirmed that I couldn't trust myself

8. the peace and freedom that comes from trusting myself and chilling out when it comes to food is incredible

9. my judgment of what other people were eating or not eating was a symptom of my own disordered thinking about food

10. that my relationship with food didn't have to be a contentious one

11. a smaller size isn't the most important thing I could be in this world

12. I didn't have to spend a shit-ton of money on workout DVDs in an attempt to find the "right" one that would make be thin, fit, and beautiful

13. I didn't have to do workouts I hated (yes, I'm talking to you Sean T and your Insanity workout)

14. my body did not betray me...I was betraying it

15. there is no such thing as an ideal weight

16. I was beautiful and acceptable and enough...regardless of a number on the scale

17. the constant pursuit of losing weight is NOT a normal part of life

18. I didn't need to spend so much time, energy and money trying to shrink myself

19. it doesn't have to be so damn complicated

20. I'm perfect as I am...I don't need to be fixed.

My wish for you is that YOU have your own discoveries. I can help you get on the path and start your journey with my upcoming Body-Mindset Experience.

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