Who are you when you're NOT trying to lose weight?

I want you to answer that question, but first, a quick story:

A few weeks ago, I had an unexpected heart-to-heart conversation with a friend about weight loss and women's pursuit of thin-ness. She's a brilliant and successful life coach and entrepreneur who is self-aware and has done years of personal work.


I was shocked when she told me that, after years of always trying to lose weight, she realized how consumed she was with striving to be thinner.  She confessed: "When I finally got to my ideal weight, the number that I'd worked so hard for, there was a glitch in my identity. I had to ask myself: who am I now that I'm not trying to lose weight??" 


Once the weight was gone, she didn't know what to strive for anymore.


Eventually the pounds came back and she decided to abandon her weight loss attempts for a while.


I tell you this story because it reinforces what I believe to be true: In all of your attempts to lose pounds, inches, and dress sizes, what you actually end up losing is a connection with your true self.


So back to the questions:

  • Who are you without trying to follow rigid, restrictive food rules? 

  • Who are you without the constant body scrutiny and self-loathing?

  • Who are you without trying to diet, cleanse and detox your way to happiness and worthiness?


The REAL you is hiding underneath the person who's striving to be a size or two smaller.

If you're not sure of the answer right now, that's ok. A lifetime of following other people's rules and trying to live up to unrealistic standards can leave you with an unrecognizable version of yourself. So, take some time...let these questions marinate for a bit.

Here's to discovering the REAL you,