This is me...NOT trying

Have you ever noticed how much women are encouraged to always be TRYING...trying to be smaller, thinner, more beautiful, more successful, more put-together.

We have to show that we're doing whatever it takes to measure up to the standard of beauty and femininity so we can claim our prizes: happiness, lovability, and success.

Just think about the physical, mental or emotional work involved in: 

  • trying to get your pre-baby body back before little Timmy takes his first steps (or even sooner)
  • eating a plate of lettuce & tomatoes masquerading as salad when you really want the burger and fries
  • taking a 60-minute BodyPump class when you have the flu because Must.Burn.Calories

It's exhausting. We expend so much effort just to exist.

The underlying message to me is clear: I can never be satisfied with myself as I am RIGHT NOW. I should always be trying to be better because I'm not enough.

That's a toxic message I just can't buy into anymore. I'm no longer emotionally or financially invested in the trying game.

My personal experience has taught me that chronic striving and self-improvement robs you of the time and head space necessary to discover who YOU are in the first place.

So, here I am...NOT TRYING to: 

-control my weight by scrutinizing every morsel that goes into my mouth
-squeeze into clothes that are 2 sizes too small
-measure up to an arbitrary standard that clearly didn't have me in mind when it was created

I'm not preoccupied with calories, portions, and pounds. 

I'm obviously not trying to look cool because I wouldn't have posted these pictures. 

I'm just enjoying being me.

I want to just BE, don't you? There's beauty and peace in simply BEING and not giving a fuck about what other people might think. Trust me...I now have first-hand experience. 

Here's to existing effortlessly.