3 Easy Ways To Get Turned ON

I have a special guest on the blog today. Devi Ward, an internationally-know Certified Tantric Coach, author, and radio show personality and I are having a steamy, stimulating conversation about body image and sex. This may seem to be completely different from the usual stuff I talk about, but trust me, it's all related. There was something Devi said to me when I first met her: "A turned on woman is like a magnet." She wasn't just talking about attracting men or romantic partners, she was talking about attracting exactly what you want in EVERY area of your life.

I LOVE that.

I wanted you to hear my conversation with Devi because 75% of the women who come to me for help to lose weight say that they really want more intimacy, pleasure, and connection with their partners.

But they feel like they have to lose weight to do it.

My mission in life is to help women STOP putting life on hold while they drop a couple of dress sizes.

It's NOT cool to put sex, connection, and intimacy on the back burner...and Devi tells us WHY.

Just in case you've never heard this before:

You DON'T have to wait until you're a size 4 to have an amazing sex life.

If you find yourself wanting a deeper connection with your partner, you MUST watch the video, because it's time to get MAGNETIZED.

It's longer than my usual videos, but it's jam-packed with useful information and practices that you can incorporate into your life TODAY. In the video, Devi discusses how our body image keeps us from being intimate with our partners and she gives us 3 tips to help move past it.

Let me know what you think. Just leave your comments below.

Oh, and if you like what Devi has to say, be sure to check out her weekly radio show "Better Love and Sex with Devi Ward" on Contact Talk radio every Thursday night at 7PM PT.