4 rules you didn’t know you needed to break…until NOW

The weight loss lifestyle that we live in has created a lot of pain and suffering for so many people, but especially women.

I know first hand the kind of stress and inner turmoil it causes...being stressed about eating perfectly and upset if I “failed”.

The scrapes and scratches from constantly falling off and climbing back on the wagon were painful. I still have a few bruises.

You’re probably caught up in some of these yourself. You may feel like you’re in a whirlwind of rules and restrictions that never get you to where you really want to be.

These are rules that we tend to follow… MINDLESSLY.

These rules have been implanted into our brains by our thin-obsessed, fat-phobic diet culture.

They’re the little voices in your head, the soft whispers, and the not-so-soft screams in your ear every day feeding your brain and fueling your actions.

It’s time to break these rules. And by break, I mean SMASH them into little bitty pieces.

Here we go:

1. I can’t trust myself: I asked a group of people what would happen if they allowed themselves to eat whatever they wanted. Most of them admitted that they can’t be trusted to make good decisions for themselves, and as a result, would be so out of control that they’d gain a ton of weight. Do you find yourself so scared of being “out of control” and letting yourself go that you aren’t even willing to give it a try?

Here’s the bad news: When we're not able to trust yourself, you'll keep getting stuck in the revolving door of diets, weight-loss plans, and disordered eating.

If you can’t trust yourself, surely you can trust someone else who doesn’t know you at all to tell you what to eat…right??? Wrong.

2. I must track, monitor, and wrestle myself into submission: And because you can’t be trusted, you must rely on something outside of yourself to direct you. MyFitnessPal, FitBits, and articles on the internet telling you the “5 ways to combat hunger” are all created to keep you in a constant battle with yourself.

You vs. you…every day for the rest of your life. There’s no way you can win.

3. Weight loss is my gateway to happiness: The key to happiness is nestled in the promise of being a few sizes smaller, isn’t it? If you’ve ever lost weight before, you know first-hand that this just isn’t true. Once you’ve reached your happy weight, you have spend all your time and energy trying to maintain it. You LOVE all the compliments and attention you’ve been getting for your new body, and it would devastate you if it all went away.

So, now there’s a shiny, brand new, stress that enters into the picture…oh, and not to mention the added pressure, self-hate, and emotional spirals that come along for the ride.

It’s a chase that never ends.

And the BIGGIE:

4. I can never have what I really desire:  Have you ever been to a restaurant and when it’s time for dessert, you say “I really want the cheesecake, but I’ll be good and have the berries..no whipped cream”?  Now, WHY in the world would you do that??? Ah yes, because you’ve been convinced thatyou can’t have what you really want…and if you do have what you really want, you’re bad or wrong. Think about that for a minute. Trust me when I tell you that it carries over into other areas of your life: career, relationships, and money. For example:

I really want to start my own business and travel the world…but I’ll stay here at my sucky 9-to-5 because that’s what I SHOULD do. Yeah…that feels good.”

I’ve been there, and I know how awful it is. The good news is that you CAN escape this mindset…it takes awareness and regular practice.

MY CHALLENGE FOR YOU: If you now realize that you’re following one or more of these rules, ask yourself if they’re helping you or limiting the level of pleasure and enjoyment in your life? If you feel limited, choose one and practice breaking it for a week.

There's much more to our lives than following the destructive rules of diet culture. 

It's time for us to reclaim our power.