5 Women You Should Be Following on Social Media

If you have Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram account, I'll bet my life savings that you've been bombarded with fitness memes and pictures asking "What's YOUR excuse??" or telling you "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels".

This is called "fitness inspiration" or fitspo for short. It's the stuff that's supposed to inspire and motivate you to live a healthy, fit life. But usually it just leaves you feeling like crap...like you're not trying hard enough to get in shape.

Some of this stuff is inspirational, the majority of it is just plain annoying.

 If fitspo leaves you feeling like shitspo, I want to introduce you to 5 powerhouse women whose messages you should be listening to:

Liz DiAlto: Liz is the creator of the Wild Soul Movement, which redefines the rules, expectations, culture and conditioning that have separated you from your body. Most of her work is about expressing your true desires, challenging our culture's current body image standards, and accepting & loving your body...right NOW.

Amber Rogers: Amber's blog GoKaleo is jam-packed with useful information on what to expect when you stop dieting, tips to get started with weight lifting. She also created Eating The Food (ETF), a massive Facebook community which helps thousands of people recover from eating disorders and disordered eating.

Michele Burmaster: I discovered Michele through the ETF community and I love what she's doing. Her Disrupt Your Diet philosophy is fitness and health for EVERYONE, "fit" does not have a look, and all food is good food. Makes sense, right?

Jennifer Campbell: Also known as Mama Lion Strong Jennifer is a mother of 3 sons and a lover of fitness who writes about women to taking back their power in the health and fitness industry. Her message of strength and body acceptance is shared with thousands on her Facebook page, where moms go to talk about health and fitness without feeling like they have to have a fitness model's body before they can join the conversation. If you're a mom, and struggle with the shame of not losing the baby weight fast enough, check out Mama Lion Strong ASAP.

Stephanie Keenan: I met Stephanie back in 2011 right before she launched SKFitlife and we've been good friends ever since. She's a nuclear engineer, former fitness competitor, and personal trainer. Her Stop Chasing Skinny podcast has tackled topics like disordered eating, what it really takes to be a fitness competitor, and the real deal on gluten. She's even had me on her show where I talked about my Break The Rules philosophy.

These women and I have one important thing in common: we've all been a part of the fitness industry, we love it but we realized that it's heading in dangerous direction.

We've all realized that you don't have to be shredded with six-packs abs to be healthy, happy and fit.

What I love about all them is that they're unapologetic for calling out the bullshit messages being constantly sold to women by many in the fitness and beauty industries. They tell it like it is and don't care what other people think about it.

YES, fitness and health should be about making you FEEL better, but if you take a look at social media today, it seems like it's all about LOOKING better and nothing else.

If we're going to challenge current beauty and fitness standards, we need as many voices as possible behind it.

Are there any other women I should add to this list? If so, just post their names in the comments section below.