weight loss

What you fight, fights back.

Whatever you fight fights back - weight loss - lose weight FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT. That's what you do. You struggle and battle to lose weight, get "toned," or be healthy. Just think about the words you use:

"I've STRUGGLED with my weight FOREVER!"

"I'm not winning this BATTLE of the bulge at all."

"I really need to ATTACK my problem areas."

Do you ever wonder why it seems so damn hard to lose weight, be healthy AND happy during the process (not just when you've reached your goal)?? It's hard because you might be looking at  your body as something separate…this "thing" over there that is outside yourself. This thing that needs to be controlled, managed, punished, and beaten into submission. You think that stress eating or emotional eating is a part of you that needs to be destroyed…as quickly and as brutally as possible.

Think about this: whenever someone has tried to attack or control you, what did you do? You didn't just lay down and take it…you probably tried to fight back, right? Well, that is what happens when you attack your own body.

What you fight, fights back. 

Here are some of the weapons that you may be using in this attack on yourself:

  • Hours of cardio
  • Diets/deprivation
  • Fat burners
  • Body wraps
  • Spanx
  • Negative self-talk

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Your health and overall wellness are a BIG part of the relationship you have with your body…it's NOT something separate. It's a relationship that needs to be nurtured, loved, and accepted. Think of it like any other relationship you care about. You wouldn't try to fight or control someone you love, would you?  Then don't do it to yourself.

Treating your body as something separate hasn't worked so far, and it will continue to not work.  

Your body, mind, and spirit are a package deal.

Ok, so you've been fighting the good fight, now it's time to put your weapons down and start a big ol' LOVE FEST. The next time you want to suffocate your tummy in a pair of Spanx, look it right in the eye (aka your bellybutton) and say "You're cute just the way you are!"  No, I'm not joking…try it.

If you've been at war with yourself for years, it's going to take some practice to get to a peace agreement. You can practice by wearing clothes that fit (not too big, not too small), doing things that FEEL good (massages, exercise), and saying positive things about the part(s) of your body you dislike the most. 

Today, I challenge you to end your war and start living in peace. 

Wishing you wellness, 

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