Can you really eat what you want and still be healthy?

Last week, my ex-boyfriend and I met to have drinks and catch up. We hadn't seen each other for months so we talked about everything: his new job and relocation back to the city, my business and trips to California. You know, all the stuff you talk about when you haven't seen someone in a while. 

But there was one part of the conversation that completely took me by surprise.

He said: "I still read your blog posts. They're really good, but...

why are you telling people it's ok to be fat???"

At first, I thought "It's ok for people to be whatever they want to be", then I thought "I need to remove him from my email list". 

Finally, I just laughed it off and asked him to explain.

He referred my post where I posed the question "Is FAT the worst thing you can be?", and supported his argument by referencing things I've said about breaking free from crazy, confusing food rules. 


He didn't understand how you could "break the rules" but still be healthy, fit, happy, and enjoy food. I tried to explain my Break The Rules philosophy, but he still couldn't grasp the idea of eating whatever you want without gaining weight.

I know he's not alone in that thinking. You may feel the same way. If you've been reading my posts for the last year, you've heard me tell you to eat the food you love, don't scrutinize your body, and that a smaller size isn't the most important thing you can be in life.

In our thin-obsessed, health-focused culture, it can seem like I'm telling you to throw in the towel, gain as much weight as you want, and eat "bad" foods.

But in reality, I'm asking you to TRUST yourself and stop working so hard to fix something that isn't even broken.

Understandably, this concept is FOREIGN to a lot of women (and men).

Unfortunately, many of them aren't even open to a different way of thinking. They'd much rather live a restricted, deprived, rule-heavy life with glimpses of enjoyment, but never full-on food freedom.  That's ok, I'm not here to convince them.

Because I'm not in the business of convincing...I'm in the business of INVITING.

I only want to spend my time and energy inviting people who know there's a better way, but may not know how to get there. The people I want at my party are those who no longer want to follow someone else's rules about food.

I'm inviting YOU to break the rules around dieting and weight loss.

I want you to learn how to enjoy food, eat the food you want and still be healthy...mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I created a short, free guide that will help you change the way you THINK about food. You can get it by clicking the link below:

It's time to create a new reality for yourself...YOUR new normal.