How small do we have to get before we totally disappear?

I don't know about you, but I've had enough of all the messages on the internet, in magazine, and on TV...messages that tell women that our happiness increases when our body size decreases.

These messages DRIVE. ME. CRAZY:

"Eat less"

"Weigh less"

"Be smaller"

"Try harder"

"Do it all"

"Look perfect"

It's all complete B.S.

For decades now, women in America have been on a relentless pursuit to shrink themselves in order to be acceptable, lovable, and beautiful. We spend BILLIONS on diets, meal plans, and workout DVDs that promise to make us smaller and happier.

All for what? To be that elusive size 2, 4, or 6 that the magazines say you should be? To fit into the "ideal weight" range on the chart in the doctor's office?

The new thing is to pretend that it's is all about 'health' and "fitness".

Fitness experts and diet gurus have repackaged their same old "eat less" tactics and slapped a brand name on it. If it IS truly all about health, then why don't we ever see before and after pics of someone's cholesterol levels or blood pressure??

The only pics you see is of someone (a woman usually) in a poorly-lit before picture looking sad, followed by a glowing after picture.

They show you that because they want you to believe that the way you look is the most important thing about YOU. It's the thing you should spend a whole lifetime trying to fix.

But, I'm here to tell you it's not.

Every minute you spend trying to make yourself smaller or trying to fix your “flaws” because you hate your body, is a minute that you are NOT a fully awake participant in your own life.

It’s your precious time that you will NEVER get back.