Kicking your diet habit requires serious SKILLS

What if you spent a month eating 500 calories a day under a 'medically-supervised' weight loss plan and you STILL weren't happy with the way you looked when it was over?


Or, how about being a lifetime Weight Watchers member but feeling like you can't trust yourself around food?


I believe that scenarios like these happen to women all the time and it's unacceptable. 

It makes me sad and furious when women share these kinds of stories. But this is the B.S. that the diet industry has to offer: weight-loss 'solutions' that make you miserable and don't solve a damn thing. 

Let's be real: you and I both know dieting doesn't never has and never will. 


If you want to SERIOUSLY create a different relationship with food and with your body even while being bombarded with messages like "Lose 20 pounds in 10 days", you have to develop a different mindset and learn new skills.

I've developed The Body-Mindset Experience to help you do just that.

It's a skills and habit-based group coaching program for women who want to leave the diet mentality behind but don't know how to do it alone. 

We use journaling, self-observation, and the principles of Intuitive Eating to let go of old habits like: 

  • obsessively monitoring every bite of food that crosses your lips
  • brutal, negative self-talk
  • eating to avoid bad feelings

and replace them with new habits like: 

  • listening and trusting yourself when you're hungry and full
  • practicing radical self-compassion
  • exercising for pleasure, not punishment

THIS is how you live and thrive in our thin-obsessed, fat-phobic diet culture. 

Most of the things that you've tried before just take you farther down the weight loss rabbit hole. 

I'm committed to helping women escape the prison of diet culture. None of us was born wanting to be on a lifelong quest to lose weight. 

It's all LEARNED behavior. 

And I believe that if we can learn it, we can un-learn it.