The a-ha moment that brought me to tears

Do you ever think about how great you are? Do you always celebrate all the big (and little) things you've accomplished in life?
If you're like me, your answer is "No...not really". It seems like we're bragging or being obnoxious if we ever FULLY recognized our accomplishments, right?
In my video today, I talk about the moment I realized how the little voice inside my head was getting in the way of me recognizing my own greatness. It's that little negative voice inside your head that shows up when you are making moves to get to the next any area of your life. It's the voice that says "Whoa! Pump your brakes...where do YOU think you're going? Who do YOU think you are? No one gives a rat's ass about what you're doing."
You know the voice I'm talking about. It's the one that tells you that you're not good enough or that you can't possibly have anything valuable to offer to the world. 
The bad news: this little voice is part of being human...we ALL have it. But the good news is that you CAN learn to quickly recognize it as B.S. and keep moving forward. It takes awareness, practice, and loving support from the people around you.
Negative thoughts and limiting beliefs are two BIG examples of things that get in the way of you getting the results you want. That's why we'll be talking A LOT about this during my Body-Mindset Experience: 3 Keys to Transform Your Body AND Your Life. This one-day workshop will be on Saturday, June 28th in Washington, DC. If you suffer from lack of self-celebration and excessive negative self-talk, you need to be there!
Right now, check out the video to see the 'a-ha moment' I had recently. There's definitely a lesson in there for YOU.
See you next week!
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