Living in a weight-loss state of mind

Last week, I talked about 5 common reasons that hold people back from making a positive change in their lives.  Since then, several people have asked me: "I want to be ready to lose weight/get healthy, but how can I do it without going on another diet??"

Ahhhh yes... this is what I like to call "weight-loss brain".  It's a state of mind that comes from years of dieting and makes you believe that being on a diet is the ONLY way to be healthy or lose weight.

It’s no secret that I hate diets. I hate them because they don’t work, I hate what they do to your body, and most of all I hate what they do to your mind. The cycle of  dieting not only keeps your body fluctuating between a size 2 and a size 10, it also keeps your mind fluctuating between sanity and paranoia...freaking out about every little change on the scale.

Did you know that when you decide to go on a diet, you’re not just committing to eating a certain way for a finite period of’re actually signing up for a bunch of other things? Yep, take a look:

When you go on a diet, you might be saying “yes” to:

  • being dissatisfied with your body during various times for the rest of life
  • being in fear of and obsessed with certain foods
  • constantly comparing yourself to others (a.k.a "body envy")
  • compulsively counting calories, points, or carbs
  • measuring your value by a number on the scale or a dress size
  • evaluating how "good" or "bad" you are based on the food you eat
  • being distracted by the constant pursuit of weight loss, and letting life zoom right past you

And by saying “yes” to all these things, you could be saying “no” to:

  • knowing what it feels like to find pleasure in eating healthy foods
  • living in the moment and accepting where you are RIGHT NOW
  • finding your true purpose and passion... and pursuing it
  • fully engaging in relationships with friends and family
  • experiencing the fullness of life

This is just a little something to think about the next time you embark on YOUR next diet.  I was able to recover from "weight loss brain" when I finally realized:

It's not JUST about food and's about your WHOLE life.

What do you think of "weight loss brain"?  Share your own personal experience in the comments section below!

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