6 Ways to Fit Fitness into a Hectic Schedule

"How do you have time to workout 5-6 days a week and prepare all your meals in advance???" This is a question I get all the time from friends and family who want to learn how they can squeeze a little fitness into their hectic lives.  I always respond: "I don't have time...I MAKE time!".  Of course, no one believes it, nor do they really want to hear it.  They think I'm living this care-free, single life with oodles of free time... to spend at the gym, to spend all afternoon whipping up 7 days worth of clean meals, or to indulge in 90-minute hot stone massages.  Nothing could be farther from reality!  No, I don't have a husband, kids, pets or even a couple of plants at home waiting for me to take care of them,  but I'm still a very busy girl, thankyouverymuch!  I go to work, hang out with friends, and spend time with family, I also manage to get in a little procrastination/daydreaming time. The number one reason that Americans attribute to not living a healthy life is lack of time.  Women especially tend to overschedule, overwork, and overwhelm ourselves into a place of stress, frustration and dissatisfaction.  This leaves little time for taking care of YOU, which is not acceptable.

I've talked to a number of women who lead VERY busy lives...as mothers, executives at major corporations, and entrepreneurs.  There are 6 behaviors they have in common that allow them to fit fitness into their hectic lives:

1. Make yourself and your health a priority: You must believe that putting yourself and your health before anything helps you to be a better parent, spouse, and friend, otherwise it will be difficult to adopt the necessary habits to sustain a healthy, fit life.

2. Make the time, then take the time: Basically, plan ahead by making a schedule, then do what the schedule says.  Grocery shopping, meal prep,  workouts and even your rest/recovery days should be built into your weekly schedule.  Make appointments  in your calendar as you would a business meeting or personal appointment...and don't cancel it!!

3. Set yourself up for success: It's so easy to let some minor hiccup derail your plans to eat a healthy meal or get in a good, fat-burning workout, so you need to set yourself up for success.  For example, have your exercise gear packed in your car so you don't have to go home after work before you hit the gym; or take a few healthy snacks when you're planning to be in a place where the food selection will be anything but clean.

4.Find activities and workouts that you love: If you hate running, and you decide you're going to start running because you think it's a good way to lose weight, you probably won't be running for long.  If you find an activity that you love and look forward to, you're more likely to stick with it.

5. Involve friends and family: Many people, women especially, can't find time to get fit because it takes them away from their family.  Participate in activities that can get the whole family involved: let the kids help prepare your clean meals or go on a family bike ride once or twice a week.  Instead of going out to have drinks and dinner with girlfriends, sign up for a Pilates class, or meet in the park for a quick group workout session.

6. Stop procrastinating and wasting time! As a Master Procrastinator,  I know that's easier said than done.  However, if you're on Facebook,  surfing the internet, and watching TV for hours on end, this is where all your extra time went.

For almost every problem or barrier (translation: excuse) you have to being fit, there's a solution.  Don't think of eating clean and getting fit as a complete overhaul of your life...that's the fastest way to become overwhelmed and then retreat to your comfort zone of unhealthy habits.  Take it one step at a time...

If you're ready to make a change and want to learn how to incorporate clean eating and exercise into your busy life, join me in my "Unleash Your Inner Fit Girl" 60-day challenge. Start living the FitLife today!