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If I don't eat breakfast, I'm screwed!

So summer is winding down and now it's back to the grind for most of us. No more vacations and the kids are back to school...that means that things are about to get hectic. Hectic mornings lead to skipping breakfast, which can ultimately result in poor food choices and low energy during the rest of the day. We know we shouldn't ditch "the most important meal of the day"but, hey, things happen...right?

If breakfast is so important…why do people skip it?

There are numerous reasons why you (and a lot of other people) skip the first meal of the day:

“I have no time” “I'm not hungry” “I like sleep better than I like breakfast”

If you’re one of these people who aren’t affected by skipping breakfast (i.e., you don’t make poor food choices, you have plenty of energy, and you’re not trying to lose weight), then you can STOP reading right now.

However, if you skip breakfast AND you spend the rest of your days eating uncontrollably, then this post is for you.

Making time breakfast can help you:

  • maintain a weight that is healthy for YOU
  • increased  your alertness and productivity at work or school
  • have more energy during the day

First, getting a good night’s sleep is critical to your success…don’t let the snooze button stand in the way of you and breakfast.  Second, you need a stash of quick and yummy recipes that you can make in the morning before you head out the door (some of them can even be made ahead of time!).  So, instead of wolfing down an everything bagel or banana nut muffin on the way to work, take a little extra time to make these quick and easy recipes I’ve created for you.

Download this 5-pack of delicious and clean breakfast recipes…one for every day of the workweek!


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