The BIG problem with 'before and after' pictures

When I asked a group of women this question:

What do you think about 'before and after' photos for a weight loss product or service?

As you'd expect, I got responses like: "I don't trust them" and "The women are probably wearing Spanx in the after picture, because no one can lose 50 or 100 pounds and have firm curves".

But despite being skeptical of these images, the women in the group admitted that they still might be interested. Still...even after knowing there's probably some shadiness going on.

You know why? Because they work.

These images are designed to trigger your emotions:

  • FEAR of missing out on the next big weight loss 'solution'

  • HOPE that it'll work for you too

  • EXCITEMENT for the incredible life you'll have when you lose weight

This is what gets you to hit the BUY NOW button, over and over again. 


A picture of a woman beaming in a bikini has become the definition of success. A definition that has been thrust upon us by the diet industry.

And I have a problem with that.

These images reinforce the idea that your appearance is the most important thing about you. 

They reinforce the idea that we should have a smaller body if we want to live a big life.

We should all have a problem with that.

It's time for us to redefine success

What if our AFTER looked more like: 

-obsessing less over food

-trusting yourself to have chips and cookies in the house

-respecting and appreciating your body now

-enjoying your life right now (not 20 pounds from now)


Imagine how different your life would be. 

Here's what I'm certain of:

When you don't decide what success is for yourself, you could be forever at the mercy of someone else's definition of AFTER. 

Here's to success on your terms,