This is how I quit

Back in January, I knew that 2013 that would be a big year.  I set some goals right here on this blog, but there was one goal that I was afraid to put out there.  Even though I didn't share it with the world, I did put it out in the universe and made a plan to make it happen. In my latest video post, I talk about my big decision to live the life of my dreams.


I'm no expert in life transformation, but I DO know that there are a couple things that had to be kicked to the curb if I wanted to make major changes: 

1. Comfort zone: Yes, it'll keep you nice and cozy, but you'll end up staying there forever and ever.  Then one day, you'll take a peek outside and see all the amazing things you missed...all the things you wished you had done.  

2. Expectations: Your friends and family will expect you to live your life a certain way...have a certain job or marry a certain kind of man.  In your effort to please and keep the peace, you push your dreams to the side and suffer in silence.  My mother (who keeps calling this a "retirement") asked me "How in the world can you leave a job just like that??".  It's not easy, but it had to be done.

Are you dreaming big, but living small??  Waiting for just the right time or the right circumstances to do something different in your life?  Make the decision and take the first step TODAY .

Much love, 

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