THIS is what body acceptance looks like

Body positivity and body acceptance are HARD. Anyone who tells you something different isn't being honest with you. 


I know this first-hand because I live it every day. I coach women through it. I see how hard it is to accept and love yourself in a culture that reminds you every day that something is wrong with you. 


That's why I'm giving you the real deal. If you want to enter into the world of body positivity and acceptance there are some things you should know:  

To unapologetically accept your body means you have to go against the grain. 


You have to be a rebel...someone who breaks the rules and makes her own. A woman who marches to the beat of her own drum. 


You have to be the woman at the dinner table who orders chocolate cake for dessert without explaining herself.


You have to be the woman who wears a two-piece swimsuit (without a cover up) despite not having the "bikini body" society says you should have.


You have to be the woman who says "I love how I look" and really mean it.


You have to be the woman who speaks out against body and food shaming.


You have to be the woman who makes NO apologies for her appearance...EVER.


You have to be willing to be uncomfortable.


None of this is easy. And it won't happen overnight.


But it's possible.


Tell me: can you be this woman?