I’ve realized that women are becoming FED UP with all the arbitrary, confusing rules about what to eat and how to exercise. It’s driving people CRAZY.

You've read all the books and listened to all the diets gurus, but you're more confused than EVER about what to eat. You eat food because you "should", not because you like it. You're EXHAUSTED from trying to keep up with the latest set of food rules...and end up feeling like a failure when you can't.

If all the "eat this/don't eat that" food rules are making you insane, join the conversation on Thursday March 5th at 7PM EST.

I'll talk about how food rules aren't just about food and how to start your own journey to freedom. 

I'll share how I became my own expert through intuition, a little detective work, and whole lot of patience.

Here’s what I WON’T be talking about:

  • the foods you should eat to lose fat

  • the best type of workouts to lose fat

  • how much fat you should lose

See a theme there? First of all, I’m sure you’ve seen enough “fat loss” infomercials, webinars, blogs, and social media posts this year to last a lifetime. Therefore, I promise to NOT bombard you with even more information on how to make yourself smaller.

Second, changing what you eat and how you exercise is a temporary fix. If you don't establish regular habits and practices in your life, you’ll end of doing the same thing over and over again.

I guarantee that you'll get a lot out of the conversation if you're someone who:

  • is tired of being in a constant battle with food and your body
  • wants to spend less time thinking about what to eat, and more time living your life
  • is ready to discover some cool things about yourself
  • knows there's an alternative to crazy, confusing food rules, but don't know where to start

Take part in a NEW conversation about women, food, and body image.


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