Hey! I'm Melissa.

I'm a non-diet, weight-neutral wellness coach who speaks and writes extensively about diet culture and the toll it takes on our lives and our humanity. 

I use my background as a pharmacist, a certified health & wellness coach, and my 25-year history with dieting in all the work that I do.

I understand science, I'm a trained coaching, and I know the personal hell that the constant pursuit of weight loss causes us to live in.

I practice what I preach. I gave up all forms of dieting years ago and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

The skills and habits I teach in my workshops and courses are a part of my everyday existence.

I do this work because:

  • I believe that we have to question everything we've been told about ourselves so that we can finally get to the truth. 
  • I believe that women's body image is a collective issue. Our society suffers when half the population channels their creative energy into being smaller. 
  • I believe that women deserve to see how we've been manipulated to buy into the lies about how important our appearance is. 
  • I believe that we have the power to change this for ourselves and for the women and girls who come after us. 

If this is important to you too, let's get connected: 

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