I created the MINDSET MAKEOVER because I’m so tired of seeing brilliant women:

  • constantly chase a number on a scale or a certain dress size
  • waste time counting calories, points, and carbs and NOT being able to truly enjoy food
  • think about losing weight DAILY but NEVER reaching your goal
  • say “NO” to MAJOR opportunities in your business, career, and personal life…things like dating, speaking in front of colleagues, or getting your picture taken

Here are some POWERFUL truths that you should know, but no one is telling you:

  • a size 4 is NOT the most important thing you can be in this world…you are SO MUCH more

  • a smaller body doesn’t mean a better you

  • it’s time to stop hiding…the world needs to see you and hear what you have to say

  • changing the way you eat and exercise isn’t ENOUGH…you need to shift your MINDSET

  • you have the FREEDOM to break the rules and create your own

Recently, I asked a group of women:

Here’s what they said:

  • It would be a HUGE relief
  • A lot less stressful
  • I would have the time and energy to do more important things
  • It would feel like FREEDOM
  • It would feel normal
  • If one was at their ideal weight, I assume it would be great

Is it possible to be FREE to live your BEST LIFE without having to worry about your weight?

I’m here to tell you that YES it is possible. A woman who is living her best life has a different mindset than one who is comfortably miserable.

She doesn’t settle for less than she deserves; she refuses to squeeze herself into someone else’s idea of ideal.

How do I know this?

I have a 25-year history of dieting, restrictive eating, and being dissatisfied with my body more times than notI’ve spent years constantly trying to fix myself, frequently waiting until I lost enough weight to be acceptable, beautiful, and happy.

You wouldn’t believe all the time, energy, and money I invested in trying to squeeze myself into someone else’s idea of ideal.

But then I decided to be done with the pursuit of perfection. I was tired of trying to eat the perfect food and do the perfect workouts so I can have the perfect body.


It just took me a lifetime to realize it.

The past 3 years have been a time of extreme personal growth in finding out what I really want and what I bring to the world.

A mindset shift (or a ‘mental cleanse’) was essential for my long-term success and happiness:

I realized that I would NOT be able to unleash my true potential unless and until I accepted and fell in LOVE with myself and my body.

I stopped feeding my mind all the garbage fitness and food rules (“eat this, don’t eat that!”) running rampant on the internet

I focused all of the time, energy, and money I spent on trying to fix myself and put it towards building my business, living my life, and having FUN.

I want you to be able to experience this for yourself without having to spend a lifetime trying to figure it out on your own.

In the past year, I’ve helped dozens of women take their focus OFF their weight so that they could experience things like:

  • launching a new business,
  • finding the love of their life
  • finally getting connected with their true selves


  • In the Mindset Makeover course, we’ll take an HONEST look at the reasons you keep doing the same thing over and over and NOT getting the results you want.
  • You’ll learn how to let go of old beliefs about not being good enough to have the life you want or not being motivated enough to stay on track.
  • You will unleash your brilliance and potential in a way you never thought possible.



I took everything I’ve learned from my personal journey and compiled into the Mindset Makeover.


This 6-week class is designed for you if you:

  • eat your way through stress
  • think there’s something wrong with you because you’re working so darn hard and haven’t lost a pound (here’s a little secret: there’s nothing wrong with you)
  • use food (especially sugar) as your main source of comfort, entertainment, or relaxation
  • let your bathroom scale tell you what kind of day you’re going to have
  • hide under baggy clothes to disguise your extra weight
  • have not taken a full-body picture in months…maybe even years
  • feel guilty for going off-track or falling off the wagon

This is NOT for you if you are:

  • still waiting for the “perfect” time to take action and make a change
  • hoping for the next new diet to come along and save you
  • saying to yourself “I know what I need to do, I just need to do it”
  • NOT ready to invest time, money, and energy in YOURSELF

Why sign up for a lifetime of NEVER being satisfied with yourself, when there’s an opportunity right here in front of you?

Here are the details:


PLACE: Teleconference AND private Facebook group for accountability, support and motivation

PRICE:$199 (BUT, you must apply* first!)

6 weeks. 6 lessons. Infinite possibilities.

*This is a very focused course for people who are serious about making changes in their mindset, not just in their bodies. Space is limited, and only open to applicantsOnce you submit your short, no-fee application, you will hear back within 24 hours.


Course Orientation

During our first class, we’ll take the time to prepare yourself for this experience. Unlike many other online courses, the Mindset Makeover requires that you dig deep and explore different areas of your life. Orientation will include a recommended reading list, worksheets, and a welcome video from me. This class is designed to set you up for success from day 1.


Claim Your Desire

This is where the work starts! We will get very honest about what you REALLY want in your life and how you want to feel…EVERYDAY. We’ll talk about moving BEYOND the physical measures of happiness and acknowledge what your heart truly desires.


Clear the Clutter & Make Room for Transformation

Mental clutter in the form of negative voices, limiting beliefs, and judgments about yourself keep you standing still and marinating in your own misery. During this call, I’ll teach you how  to let go of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that keep you doing the same thing over and over.


Create New Mindsets

During this lesson, I’ll help you identify old mindsets that keep you from getting the results you want…and how to create a NEW mindset that will lead to the healthy, productive habits you need to create the body and life you LOVE!



You are not on this journey alone. The support of others in can be ESSENTIAL to your individual success.  I’ll guide you through creating your own accountability network to help you create change that goes BEYOND the course.


Live Q & A Call

During our final call together, you’ll have the opportunity to ask ANY question you have about what you’ve learned in the class. This is a time to let your voice be heard and get answers to your specific issues.


At the end of the course, you will have a private, 30-minute, 1:1 session with me to create your own personal plan for long-term success.

When you say “YES” to the Mindset Makeover, you’re also saying “YES” to:

  • being free of all the rules about what to eat and someone else’s idea of the perfect body

  • a community of brilliant women who are ready to live by their own rules

  • transforming your relationship with food and with yourself so that you can focus on creating a life that you LOVE

  • tapping into your true potential and discover what you contribute to the world

This incredible online class is all about you discovering what you’re capable of (a.k.a. your Inner Greatness) once you stop trying so hard to lose weight.

To be confident and comfortable in your own body is a beautiful thing.




Donna Z:

Working with Melissa has been life changing.  I have always been very active and over the years have slowly adopted a healthier way of eating (organic whole foods), however, I have tried just about every diet out there to lose those unwanted 5 pounds. By working with Melissa I have learned so much more than just how to take off those last 5 pounds. Melissa provides valuable guidance, she answers all of your questions, she holds you accountable, and she is very motivating! Best of all, she shares her slip-ups and has taught me that everyone gets off track, forgive yourself and get back on track! All of these changes have resulted in a much happier and less stressed me!


Evonia B:

Before working with Melissa I struggled with the "all in or all out" mentality and at the particular point of the class I was "all out".

My eating was out of control, my workouts were minimal and I had no motivation. I was falling into a bit of depression due to external forces and not allowing my internal power to keep me motivated. Also, I was not tapping into my support system that I had available to me to ask for help

After 5 weeks in the Mindset Makeover class, I was empowered and encouraged to reach my goals because I know I can actually do it.I also established connections with my support system to help me with accountability to reaching my goals and staying on track.

When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this for myself, I felt like I was taking a step in the "right direction". I spent so much time doing for others and this was one thing that I felt I was doing for myself.

I highly recommend this program if you've struggled with any mindset that is keeping you from reaching your goals. Whether it’s weight loss, starting a business, or even taking a trip, if there is something within you that's stopping you then this class will help you to overcome it.