Body acceptance is not just about loving your muffin top, it's about justice.

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Mainstream body positivity needs an overhaul.

Take a look around and you'll see that #bopo is very trendy right now. Despite it's best efforts, it's still focused on how our bodies look and what we eat.

And yes, those things are important, but we need to speak up and speak out about how diet culture is destructive to our individual and collective humanity.

Diet culture forces us to view the world through a thin, White lens. We learn at a young age that thin + White is the default for beauty, for femininity...for human. Anything and everything else is 'other'.

This is not acceptable.

To become free from the reins of diet culture, we have to REJECT the idea that only certain bodies are worthy of love, acceptance and adequate medical care.

I believe: 

  • if we're going to ditch the diets and stop hating our bodies, we must point the finger at the culture that encourages us to do it, not at the individual
  • if we're going to use words like 'empowerment', 'radical', and 'revolutionary' to describe our work, we must actively challenge the status quo
  • we must consistently call out diet culture for the violent, oppressive system that it is, otherwise we're destined to get more of the same thing.

NOW is the time for us to make justice a priority and to reject the status quo that keeps us quiet, distracted, and struggling to become something we're not.


What you can expect

When I step on stage, I inspire the audience to think differently about their personal shame and lifelong struggle for body acceptance. I help to raise consciousness around our collective suffering and what we can do together to end it.

My mission is to help the audience connect the dots between our racist, patriarchal, capitalist society and our personal struggles with weight, body image and self-acceptance.

I can bring one of my signature talks to your upcoming event, or craft a presentation especially for your audience.


Here are a few of my recent podcast interviews: 

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About me

Melissa_speaking at Femfessionals2.JPG

I bring my background as a pharmacist, a non-diet wellness coach, and my 25-year history of pursuing the thin, White beauty ideal into my work. 

As a woman of color I know how unfriendly the culture is for me and millions of other women and femmes.

Between my own experience and through my clients, I've seen first hand what obsession with food and weight loss can do to a person's body, self-esteem and life. 


To bring a new conversation about body acceptance to your meeting, group, or organization, use the contact form below.

I'm available for keynotes, breakouts and workshops.


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