Imagine going out to dinner and having bread + wine + dessert

The rules say you can't have all three and still be healthy.

I say you can have all three WITHOUT the side of guilt that usually comes with it.

That's what I call "Breaking The Rules"...having the freedom to eat and do what makes YOU happy.

If following food rules has made you more confused and stressed than ever before about what to eat, but you don't know what to do about it, let's talk.

Schedule a 30-minute Break The Rules Session with me to get clear on the steps you can take to free yourself from food rules and negative body image.


DISCLAIMER: Your food and body image issues won't be completely solved after only 30 minutes. If i could do THAT, I'd be a magician and a billionaire. Although I'm not a billionaire magician, I have been where you are so I know it's possible to move beyond this.

During our time together, we'll:

  • Uncover the rules that confuse and stress you out
  • Create a clear vision of the experience you want to create with food and your body
  • Leave the session farther along the path to your ideal experience

Many women spend years spinning their wheels, looking for the formula...the answer to losing weight and improving their relationship with food.

But, here's the truth:

There is no formula

There is no one-size-fits-all answer

It's just you getting tuned in to what YOU want

I'll share what I've learned and help you discover what works for you.

I'm ready if you're ready...let's get started!