Hey! I'm Melissa. Thanks for stopping by.


Here's a little about me and my work: 

I'm a former wellness coach turned writer, speaker, and educator.

I became fed-up and frustrated with the traditional wellness paradigm once I realized that it was reinforcing harmful body and beauty standards under the guise of health. 

So I opted out.

Now, all of my work is about challenging the messages and images that tell us something is inherently wrong with our bodies and that we should spend a lifetime trying to fix it.

The truth is:

We ALL deserve to exist peacefully in our bodies.

But we've been stewing in a toxic sludge of racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and weight stigma. As a result, we are taught that only people in certain bodies deserve to have their humanity respected.

No thank you.

Through my writing, workshops, and lectures I challenge our cultural standards of beauty and worthiness.

And when the world is constantly sending you messages that your body should be different, or YOU should be different, I'm here to remind you...

There is no right way to have a body. 

There is no right way to be yourself. 

You're enough as your right now.

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