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Don’t write to get famous. Don’t write to get rich.

Write to get free.
— Desiree Lynn Adaway

We don't arrive on this Earth ashamed of our bodies or hating other people because of theirs. 

Shame, embarrassment, and anxiety creep in over time because of the messages we see and hear every day of our lives.

We are passively socialized into believing these lies.

It's our responsibility to actively resist to get to the truth.

We ALL have unlearning and re-learning to do when it comes to bodies: skin color, size, ability, gender, and sexuality. 

In Write To Get Free, we explore how the body hierarchy gets reinforced all around us: in the media we consume, in health and wellness spaces, and in our interactions with the people around us.

These beliefs are so entrenched into our language, our behavior, and the way we relate to each other that it can feel impossible to begin to imagine something different. 

The work of unlearning harmful messages is hard, but it's the work we have to do on a daily basis for our individual and collective liberation.

I believe that writing can be one of the best ways to help us get free from harmful ideas about beauty, health, and how we're taught to value bodies.

Writing has the power to heal us.

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A little about me…


I’m Melissa, a speaker, writer, and educator. Most of my work is about inviting people to make the connection between oppressive beauty and health standards and our personal struggle with self-acceptance. I’ve written extensively on diet culture and the toll it takes on our lives and humanity. My goal is to help people unlearn harmful messages and behaviors from years of chronic dieting. I also have a background as a pharmacist and certified wellness coach.