Don’t write to get famous. Don’t write to get rich.

Write to get free.
— Desiree Lynn Adaway

We don't arrive on this Earth ashamed of our bodies or hating other people because of theirs. 

Shame, embarrassment, and anxiety creep in over time because of the messages we see and hear every day of our lives.

We are passively socialized into believing these lies.

It's our responsibility to actively resist to get to the truth.

I used to believe that controlling my weight was a worthwhile and necessary lifelong endeavor.

I used to believe that fatness was a fate to avoid and escape at all costs.

I used to believe that getting healthy meant getting thin.

I no longer believe any of those things. 

My daily-ish writing practice has helped me to untangle and unlearn all the messages that told me how to act, how to eat, and who to be. 

I've discovered how the quest for thinness was such a HUGE and harmful part of my life.

Reading articles and listening to podcasts have definitely helped to shift my thinking; but it's my writing practice that has awakened me in way that I never knew was possible.  

Writing can shine a light on the lies that have been sold as truth for so long. It can open up the places in us that have wanted to speak.

I believe that writing can unleash our voice so we can hear ourselves for the first time.

Writing has the power to heal us.

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    Let’s come together and write to feel alive, to connect with ourselves, to hear our own voices. 

    Let's write to get free.

A little about me…


I’m Melissa, a speaker, writer, and educator. Most of my work is about inviting people to make the connection between oppressive beauty and health standards and our personal struggle with self-acceptance. I’ve written extensively on diet culture and the toll it takes on our lives and humanity. My goal is to help people unlearn harmful messages and behaviors from years of chronic dieting. I also have a background as a pharmacist and certified wellness coach.