I know what it's like to be confused by all the "eat this, don't eat that" rules running rampant on the internet.

All of the arbitrary and conflicting information, diet gurus claiming success with wildly different plans, research studies that contradict each other with NO focus on enjoying food whatsoever...

and the list goes on!

Plans that are so restrictive that they're impossible to follow when traveling or dining out.

RULES that stress you out and make you feel like like you don't even know how to feed yourself.

It's time to break the rules, and start living your life according to YOUR own rule book.

I know what you're thinking: "If I stop listening to what the experts tell me to eat, I'll be so out of control!"

I've been able to find freedom by breaking the rules...and now I want to help YOU.

I have a 25-year history of dieting, restrictive eating, and being dissatisfied with my body more times than not. I’ve spent years constantly trying to fix myself, frequently waiting until I lost enough weight to be acceptable, beautiful, and happy.

I’ve always known, deep down, that this wasn’t the way I was supposed to be living life, but I wasn’t sure how to get out of this cycle.

The rules written by other people will tell you:

You should ALWAYS be working hard to lose weight
Treat your body like a machine...all the mental and emotional parts can be ignored
You can never really have what you truly desire...You want cake for dessert? Be good and have the berries instead.

Breaking the rules isn't about eating unhealthy and letting yourself go.

It's a release of the guilt and shame that you've long associated with food

It's saying "goodbye!" to deprivation and restriction

It's about ending the striving, the push to always eat the right thing, do the right thing, and have the perfect body

It's about easing into a new way of thinking and being...not forcing it

It's breaking free from being both the prisoner and the guard

It's time for you to do what's RIGHT for you.

A smaller size isn't the most important thing you can be in the world.

Even if you leave this website and never come back, this is what I want you to know:

You can trust yourself
You don’t need anyone else telling you what to do
You are worthy of the FREEDOM that comes with writing your own rules

You are NOT alone...you can ask for help whenever you need it
Life is too short to live in a cloud of confusion about what to eat everyday.