Have you ever had a MELTDOWN like this??

Can I tell you how I was FREAKING OUT yesterday morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror?

After taking a quick glance in my full-length mirror I launched into panic mode because I thought I wasn't as LEAN as I should be (translation: too fat) for my upcoming fitness competition in less than 3 weeks. I even sent a text to my coach telling her that I want to back out of the show because I'm not ready.

In 3 years of competing, I never seriously entertained backing out of a show at this stage of the game. NEVER. But yesterday, I conjured up a story in my head that almost sent me into a tailspin.

Wait...I'm getting ready to teach a class on how to shift your mindset, but I'm struggling with my own mindset drama!

In my head, I kept going back and forth about where I SHOULD be and where I was this time LAST year. 

It sounds like I need to get MY mind right, doesn't it?

After being in freak-out mode for about 10 minutes, I stopped myself and said, "What's really going on here, because there is NOTHING wrong with you, girl".

It was at that moment that I chose to accept where I was right then and there. I decided that this is what my body looks like NOW and it's ok.  I realized that living in the past (I'm not as lean as I was this time last year) or in the future (I should be LEANER!!) was only going to take me deeper into despair.

There are a couple things I need you to know: first, I'm low on carbs so I'm sure that had something to do with the panic attack. Second, this type of drama is just part of being human. Negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and old mindsets can creep in from time to time. 

The key is to not to spend hours, days, or months marinating in your own misery or putting your whole life on hold until you fix yourself.

I was able to get out of panic mode in less than 15 minutes by using the steps I teach in the Mindset Makeover class: awareness of old mindsets, creating & practicing new ones, and surrounding yourself with people who can help pull you off the ledge when you've gone too far.

Do you know what would've happened if I hadn't taken the steps to stop myself? I would've wasted tons of time and energy analyzing what I did wrong, then I would've tried to "fix'" it by over exercising and under-eating for the next 3 weeks. And then I would be miserable. No thanks. 

The class starts tomorrow evening at 7PM EDT and there are a few spots left. If you're still trying to figure out how to get out of your own mindset drama, you need to claim your spot right now.

I know that the struggle is REAL, but the struggle doesn't have to take over your whole life.

This is a picture of me this morning...my body still looks the same as it did yesterday, but I'm MUCH happier!

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 Here's to a NEW way of thinking!

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