You CAN live life WITHOUT the wagon

Where does it all begin??

Where does the relentless pursuit of a smaller, slimmer self begin for most women?

Based on some of the comments I received from an article I published on Positively Positive recalling the first time I thought I was fat, it can start as early as 5 years old.

Dozens of women shared their stories of the first time they thought they needed to do something about their weight, like Gina and Carley:

Almost all who the women who shared their stories recalled hearing comments like "Getting chubby, aren't we?" or "Are you going to eat ALL of that food??" from the people around them.

Words like this can transform a vibrant, happy 5-year-old girl into a self-loathing, chronic dieter on a relentless pursuit to shrink herself down to an acceptable size for most of her life

These messages lead women to live life either ON or OFF a diet, constantly trying to be "on the wagon" by following crazy, confusing food rules.

These messages tell us that we must embark on a lifelong quest to make perfect food choices and scrutinize every morsel that crosses our lips.

Eventually the food on your plate dictates your self-worth...and that's just absurd.


Here's why losing the wagon is a win-win situation: this wagon is totally made up. It's a book of ridiculous rules that are impossible to stick to and cause a lot of unnecessary stress and suffering. It's not even a real thing.

I'm proof that you can live life with no wagons to fall off of. You CAN spend less of your precious time thinking about what to eat, and more time living your life. I've also helped dozens of women get on the path to living WITHOUT food rules.

The scrapes and scratches from constantly falling off and climbing back on this silly wagon are painful.

The good news is: you NEVER have to get on it again.

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