Herb Roasted Chicken Wings with Tzatziki Sauce

Chicken isn't my favorite protein (especially the breast), but I absolutely LOVE chicken wings, especially when they're fried and/or covered in buffalo wing sauce.  Who doesn't, right?  The problem is that deep fried buffalo wings dipped in ranch or blue cheese dressing, aren't the healthiest things you can eat and most of us like to eat more than our fair share.  I've been known to eat about 15 to 20 wings in one sitting when left to my own devices, but I'm digressing. You'll be happy to know that you don't have to give up wings completely if you're trying to make the switch to a cleaner, healthier way of eating.  In fact, I'm about 6 weeks away from my first Figure competition of the season and I made this recipe as a "clean cheat" over the weekend and it was ridiculously amazing...it almost made me forget about deep fried wings.  Besides being a quick and tasty recipe, you don't have to worry about your house smelling like fried chicken for 2 days (which is always a plus).

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